19 Crimes Cali Rose 75cl

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The popular 19 Crimes brand has partnered with the one and only Snoop Dogg, who has swapped his gin n’ juice for a refreshing glass of fruity California Rose.

Snoop’s Cali Rose is an ideal summertime sip bursting with berries and delicate floral notes.

You may not connect the platinum-selling rapper to fine wines, but his infamous friendship with Martha Stewart has turned Snoop into something of a foodie, including a passion for the wines of his native California.

With the help of 19 Crimes, Snoop has developed this Zinfandel and Grenache blend. The resulting bottle is a refreshingly sweet mix of ripe red berries with a balancing touch of acidity.

Perfect Pairing – This summer party wine is made for summer party food! Sip alongside smoked salmon, veggie skewers and charcuterie at your next bash.