Canopy Basso DIPA 440ml

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Brewed in collaboration with Mister B brewery in Italy, this is a joyful, juicy, fruity, hop-packed wonder of a beer. Mega mouthfeel, smooth and did I mention juicy? We are so happy with this beer and it's going straight into our personal fridges.

Simone used to be part of our brew team here at Canopy, and then he worked at Hackney Brewery alongside Steve, who is now our head brewer. Simone moved back to Italy earlier this year and joined the team at Mister B, so it felt like the gang was back together when Simone come over to brew with us for a day. That's all that often-hyped collaboration brews are, just pals getting together, making something delicious. You lucky lot get to drink it, only because even if we tried really hard, we couldn't drink it all ourselves. And we do want to share it because it's SO good! 

All Mister B beers have names beginning with B, so we looked to Italy's cycling heritage and to one of cycling's legends Ivan Basso (somewhat tarnished, but still legendary and very much a character). Ivan Basso now runs a blueberry farm, if you want to continue the B theme. True story.