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Elf Bar 600 Disposable Device 20mg Elf Berg

The Elf Berg disposable vape device from the popular Elf Bar collection delivers a uniquely rich and fruity bold taste in every delicious puff you take. It has been prefilled with a specially crafted Nicotine Salt formulation of 20mg to ensure that every draw you take will deliver its delicious fruity flavour with a super smooth throat hit whilst helping to ease your nicotine cravings instantly. 
Elf Berg is a deliciously complex fusion of freshly picked rich, tart forest berries, warming aniseed and icy-cool menthol. The added splash of menthol layered upon its lusciously fruity blueberry and aniseed base creates a mouth-watering blend you won’t be able to resist. Each flavour brings an irresistibly tasty characteristic that makes this one of the most delicious and compelling flavours in the Elf Bar 600 range. 
So if you love to indulge in uniquely bold rich fruity flavoured vapes then this delectably sweet Elf Berg disposable vape could be the perfect addition to your fruit-flavoured Elf Bar collection. 
The Elf Bar 600 Disposable Pod Device is available in a multitude of delicious flavours. Every Elf Bar 600 has been pre-filled so that it contains nicotine salt e-liquid. Within this collection of tasty disposable vapes, there are several flavours that you can choose between a Nicotine salt formulation of 20mg or a nicotine-free version. Making it the perfect way to deliver instant relief from cravings. Whilst delivering ElfBars best vape flavours in a smooth and satisfying throat hit with every draw you take.  
The Elf Bars are pre-charged disposable vapes, that offer the ultimate in convenience – no buttons to fiddle with, coils to change, cables to recharge with or e-liquids to refill. Simply take your Elf Bar with you wherever you go and replace it once the bar starts to lose flavour or charge. You may be asking yourself how long does an ElfBar last? Well, ElfBars have a long-lasting 550mAh battery. Meaning that the Elf Bar can provide up to 600 delicious puffs. 


Prefilled with 1.3ml of E-Liquid
600 Puffs per bar
550mAh battery
Nicotine Salt Formulation 20mg
LED Puff Indicator