Gipsy Hill Hepcat IPA 330ml

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It was perhaps a simpler time when hepcats, clicking their fingers in bebop bars and addressing people as 'daddios,' were the dominant counter cultural force in the world. You knew where you stood, you either spent your evenings listening to Charlie Parker and were thus 'hip,' or you had a job in a bank and were 'square.'

Lines are far more blurred now, just one quick look on Twitter will demonstrate how tribes have popped up around every issue, where for example, former apple enthusiast friends now address each other as ‘Cripps Pink Apologists’ or ‘Cox’s Orange Cucks!’

What the world needs is a cause to transcend all political division, and we can think of nothing better than the pursuit of exceptional craft beer. Gipsy Hill Hepcat Session’s strong line-up of Mosaic, Citra, Ekuanot and Motueka hops combine to produce an intensely tropical-citrus hit, yet remains incredibly fresh and drinkable… Take a sip daddio!

Nestled at the base of Gipsy Hill in South London, since 2013, Gipsy Hill have been brewing full flavoured, moreish brews of the highest standard. Every decision they make is led by improving quality, pushing innovation and engaging with the community.

Their core beers are available all year round and with a focus on sub-5% abv brews, are the perfect partner for a midweek catch up. Gipsy Hill’s specials on the other hand, are experimental and seasonal brews that push the limits of their knowledge and equipment. In 2018, Gipsy Hill launched a small but progressively expanding barrel project. They only use natural, quality ingredients and take an uncompromising approach to the best brewing process.
Drink it and talk to people.