Jazz Vodka 70cl

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Jazz Vodka comes packaged in a bottle that’s shaped like a trumpet—there’s even the little buttons on top that you could pretend to press in order to make pretend music. But enough of being silly—inside the trumpet-shaped bottle is Jazz Vodka, a Polish vodka made by the Starogard distillery in Gdansk, a place known for putting out some pretty good vodka (but none in bottles as fancy as this). Jazz Vodka is made from high quality grain spirit and artesian well water for absolute purity. When it comes to taste, it ranks right up there, with a cool, clean flavour that, once you have a go, won’t keep your bottle full for very long. Jazz Vodka is shaped like a trumpet because it made its debut at the 1991 International Jazz Music Festival, where it scored pretty high satisfaction reviews. And if you really like a spirit with a story, then you’ll be even happier to know that the label on the bottle is a reproduction of the poster from the festival that year. Once you break out a bottle of Jazz Vodka, and all the perfunctory joking and pretending it’s a musical instrument subside, you can get down to business drinking it—any way you like. It’s an ideal mix-in for a variety of mixers, and its premium quality makes Jazz Vodka an ideal base for a good, old-fashioned dry martini.