Paulaner Weissbier Alc Free 500ml

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As well as containing folacin, Hefe-Weißbier Non-Alcoholic contains many vitamins and minerals, above all, vitamin B12. After sport, during your lunch break or as a refreshment between meals, it not only tastes good, it does you good. Paulaner invented Hefe-Weißbier Non-Alcoholic in 1986. It was already highly-praised then and has been constantly improved with the advance of brewing technology. Today our Hefe-Weißbier Non-Alcoholic is brewed in a combined process of de-alcoholisation and interrupted fermentation. This ensures that the typical Weissbier fruity aroma as well as the fine notes of malt and yeast are maintained, making it the perfect accompaniment for fresh summer dishes.

Alcohol Free Beers are made just like the alcoholic ones with water, yeast, hops and barley. Some are brewed to a lower ABV and some have the alcohol removed through various techniques. Across Europe beers below 0.5% ABV are classed as alcohol free. In the UK drinks that are between 0.05% and 0.5% ABV are classed as non-alcoholic.