Promio Malbec Punto Alto 75cl

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14% ABV

We all love the silky, ripe black fruit and floral aromas of Argentina's Malbecs. They are so sought after, we're always on the search for more. Here's a charming, new, organically grown addition to the list. Ripe, juicy plum with a notion of spice.

Malbec has had a second lease of life in the vineyards of Argentina. It was a forgotten variety, condemned for its tannins in France, then Argentina tamed it and launched it on the world in the 1990s. Now we simply can't get enough. It ripens beautifully in the clear sunshine and cool down draughts from the Andes' mountains in Argentina. As you may have guessed from its name and label, the grapes for Punto Alto come from high altitude sites, up to 620 metres. Sunshine is pure and warm; nights are much cooler. The outcome is lovely ripeness of mulberry and plum fruit with a refreshing bite and lifted aromas. Just the ticket for summer barbecues with all the chargrilled offerings. It's a top choice with steak or a sausage and bean bake too.