Wainwright Ale 500ml

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  • Ale Beer
  • Wainwright Golden Beer is a 4.1% ABV delicious, invigorating and refreshing beer made using our unique combination of hops and 100% English malt to provide subtle sweet notes and a delicately citrus aroma.
  • Originally brewed as a seasonal beer, Wainwright was so unusually refreshing that it became an instant hit with drinkers throughout the UK.
  • The result is the perfectly refreshing reward if you enjoy your ale lightly hopped, with delicate fruity scents, or even if you're normally a lager drinker who welcomes an easy drinking, lightness of style.
  • Wainwright Golden Beer is now the UK's No.1 Golden Cask Ale. This unique combination of flavours is now available year round in pubs and bars across the UK and in bottles around the world.
  • Award winning beer
  • A breath of fresh ale
  • Refreshingly rewarding crafted golden beer
  • Pack size: 500ML