Yorkshire Pudding Pale 440ml

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Made with 100% Real Yorkshire Puddings. The nation's favourite Sunday Roast Beer. Voted as one of the top five drinks in Yorkshire in 2021.

There is just over a quarter of a Yorkshire Pudding in every 330ml can!! It's mad, but it's true!!

The most popular question we get asked about our Yorkshire Pudding Beer is "do you make it with Yorkshire Puddings?" The answer to that is YES

Each brew of our Yorkshire Pudding Beer contains 3,500 Yorkshire Puddings and there is half a Yorkshire Pudding in every bottle!!

The beer is made with Yorkshire Puddings from the Yorkshire Pudding Pie Co based just down the road from us in Malton.

The beer is the colour of a Yorkshire Pudding (Pale Ale 3.6%) The Yorkshire Pudding makes the beer soft and smooth with a slight hint of creaminess at the back end.

Brewed in Yorkshire, from watter that fell in Yorkshire, with Yorkshire Puddings made in Yorkshire, Sup It With Pride!